Our Comprehensive Termite Services

Termite Inspection

The licensed termite inspectors come out to your property they do a full search and report for you, and it’s free. We recommend taking advantage of our free inspections at least every two or four years.

Most termite control is done by local termite treatment. Local treatment refers to any treatment designed to target specific areas with evidence of infestation. We use a wide range of termite control products. Depending on the needs of each customer, we will determine a treatment solution that involves Bora Care, Termidor, or another leading solution.

Wood Repair

Whether caused by termites, dryrots or other wood destroying pests, we can repair your damaged property.

Tent fumigation is Termike Pest Control primary recommendation in the following cases: when termites are built into the structure, the structure is heavily infested, termite infestation is coming from inaccessible areas, or the inspector reported bed bugs or wood beetles.

Preventative Services

The best way to actively prevent termites at your commercial or residential building is to make your structure less attractive to termites. We will offer our termite control expertise to you.

Real Estate & Escrow

A complete termite inspection performed by us will provide you with all findings and recommendations necessary to obtain a termite clearance for escrow. Our experienced staff understand how to meet critical escrow deadlines and eliminate costly delays to your escrow.


Termites are destructive organisms that could put your home at significant risk. But we can help control or prevent termite infestations at your property.

Termike Pest Control has the experience to identify and treat termite problems within all types of homes or buildings. Our licensed technicians are committed to providing unrivaled customer service and delivering exceptional results with every project.

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